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Friday, August 11, 2006

Not the Same Newsletter

I'm sitting in one of my favorite coffee shop these days. Cloud City Maple Leaf for Life Baby. Also trying to write a newsletter before we head out in two day to the Oregon Coast with the family for two Holiday.

As I think through the last few months what were have been doing and try to communicate that with our supports I'm having a hard time talking about the details. The details toady are so much about friendships, about people. I would be horrified if one of those people we are working with are seen as a project. They my friends, they are not projects. They are people that are being good friends to us as well. Involved in our lives caring for our kids and for Jen and I.

Our supporters are allowing us to think through this way of life we are trying to live and we are totally honoured to have them involved in our lives. We need them at this point of our lives we are going to figure out how to live better as followers of Christ in a Western context.

So if we are involved in our neighbors lives, in our friends lives, hanging out with people at the coffee shop we can't talk about those people. So our newsletters have to be about how we live, who we are, the way we are living. Not about people and projects.


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